TelebidPro provides a complete suite of individual services. Our team of technology experts is focused on Quality and Results.

Custom Software Development

What we create is Server Software Systems from scratch which work and grow as your business does. We have been doing it for the last 10 years, always providing our clients with a Custom Product developed according to their needs. 

If you feel that you have reached this stage of your business growth and the unique qualities of your product need a unique software solution, then we are the right team for you.


New System

Building a custom software from the scratch is not straightforward as you have no benchmark. It is especially challenging when you don’t have an initial item to compare. We use our experience and validate each stage in the development process to make sure we move in the right direction.

To build new products we use Our Ready-Made, long tested and reliable TBPro platform to win time for you (time to market).


While working on your software, we will not “reinvent the wheel” at your expense, we will provide integration of your existing databases, applications or services you use and do not want to cancel, Furthermore, we will provide servers with reliable configuration (repeatedly tested, not simply from scratch) for maximum security and speed.


See section Products. All these components can be implemented in your product out of the box so that we focus on the essence of your product – the business logic which distinguishes you from your competitors.

Exclusive Needs

Starting new projects or creating new devices often results in needing a solution which does not exist. This usually occurs when your project is connected to the hardware or embedded systems. We find industry-specific experts to build a solution fitting all your unique requirements.

Technology Upgrade

Systems become outdated over time (usually in 5-7 years). The maintenance costs grow as it becomes increasingly difficult to find an expert on old technologies. At some point, you do consider technology upgrade to cut the costs of future maintenance. TelebidPro experts reverse engineer the old system before creating a comprehensive and phased replacement plan.

Security-Critical Services

Access to classified data is the highest demand nowadays. The more confidential your data is the more lucrative it is for hackers. The more expensive and wanted the data is, the stronger security you’ll need. Our architects use a layered approach in system designs to ensure the data is released only to authorized parties.

ETL Systems

The process of extracting data from source systems and bringing it into the data warehouse is commonly called ETL that stands for extraction, transformation, and loading.


You need to deliver the right data in the right format at the right timeframe to fuel great analytics and processes. TelebidPro’s team is here to design a specific data integration process for your business data.


The Process is Easy!

1. Extract

During this first phase, the data is extracted from source systems and converted into one consolidated data format for further processing. Nowadays data warehouse combines a wide variety of data sources, online and offline, from traditional relational databases, through omnipresent Excel spreadsheets up to the cloud and big data.

2. Transform

In the data transformation stage, data is converted to the proper format and structure to prepare it for loading into the end target. This step includes converting any measured data to the same dimension using the same units so that later they can be joined.

3. Load

Data loading takes place in the target database that may be an operational data store, data mart, data warehouse or a reporting application. Depending on the specific requirements and needs of your company, we either overwrite existing data with cumulative one or add the new data at regular intervals (on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis).

The Most Demanded Data Transformation Tasks that We Perform

  • Cleaning
  • Filtering
  • Deriving a new calculated value
  • Splitting a column into multiple columns and vice versa
  • Aggregating
  • Sorting or ordering the data based on a list of columns to improve search performance
  • Joining together data from multiple sources
  • Transposing or pivoting
  • Applying any simple or complex data validation

IT Consulting

We help you take advantage of new business opportunities by creating smart, one-of-a-kind technology systems.

IT Strategy Development

Robust strategies help your organization deliver on its mission and reach the long-term goals. They consist of objectives, specific tasks, milestones, resource needs, costs, third-party dependencies and KPIs to measure the progress of strategy implementation.

We analyze your current processes and the roles of in-house technologies. This lets us recommend frameworks and technologies best suiting your project.

Software Architecture Review and Planning

System analysis helps us understand the various disparate views of information, hence document actual or probable structural issues. Based on the reviews our team builds a plan that best serves to your organizational needs.

Application Security Consulting

Every stage of the development lifecycle demands to build security into your application. The most proper checks for your comprehensive security testing are selected based on the project objectives, secure environment, and current scenario.

Project Requirements and Design

Identifying and documenting the requirements for your system is important for not risking your business. It involves frequent communication with system users to determine specific feature expectations and to document all aspects of the project development process.

Big Data Consultancy

The information era gives access to Big Data that is growing in volume, variety, velocity, and complexity. Our team consults for your Big Data strategy, advises on how to integrate new and existing data, how the source can improve your business performance, etc.

Cloud Consultancy

Our Cloud experts can help you develop an IT strategy that is perfectly matching with your business needs. We can assist you in combining legacy systems with in-house and public cloud deployments to give you flexibility and focus without compromising production workloads.

Information Security Audits

Information Security Audit is part of the IT management process, closely related to the risk assessment of the information systems.


Such audit helps you with:

  • Assessment of the process efficiency that take place in your organization;
  • Identification of risk factors in your company;
  • Suggestions for corrective and preventive actions to ensure the effective functioning of the applications and systems in your organization.

The results of the conducted IT audits would help each organization to identify weaknesses in the information systems & data and also to identify short-term and long-term goals for improving its IT processes and infrastructure in order to effectively and efficiently achieve its business objectives.

The IT audit process is built to assess the effectiveness of implemented organizational processes, procedures and controls to protect information assets.


TelebidPro Information System Audits may include:

  • Server infrastructure
  • Virtual infrastructure
  • Network infrastructure
  • Operating systems and applications
  • Database
  • Staff and information
  • Security of IT systems and data (IT Security)
  • IT Management Processes (ITSM)
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery processes
  • Risk Management
  • Others

Set-Up Software Development Teams

As we develop your product, we also create a team for it. Creating a team is a difficult task and we have proven, and feel proud, that we can do it well. (See TelebidSchool) We train our employees from the very beginning – from school and university, through all stages of their development – from computer science, software development layers and engineering to the strategies we follow as a team to build robust and secure software.