TelebidPro is specialized in research and implementation of large-scale distributed web applications. All our solutions and services are designed and developed in-house by our top talented team, offering functionality, flexibility and reliability that is of carrier class capability. The company implements fast-tomarket enterprise solutions by enabling high-technologies, automation, monitoring, document management and reporting for efficient decision-making.

TBPro Integrated Corporate Platform

TBPro is an easily customizable proprietary platform that has been developed with tens of thousands of hours of engineering work. With its extensive library of pre-built modules and functionalities, TBPro can be considered a software development platform that speeds up the development process. It is a key component of TelebidPro’s solutions, designed to meet specific needs and reduce time-to-market for the software systems we develop with our partners.

TBPro consists of flexible modules and components that work together to build an accurate software model of any organizational process. Built using industry standard guidelines and requirements. TBPro allows us to configure and use functions that are unique to your company’s business processes. Our platform has been designed to be easily customizable, allowing us to tailor our solution to your specific needs and requirements.

With its easily customizable and adaptable nature, TBPro is a powerful tool that enables our clients to streamline their operations and achieve their business goals with greater efficiency and ease.

Detailed descriptions of the system modules




Business Back Оffice Module

Managing various aspects of a business such as customer management, transaction tracking, inventory management, order processing, and financial reporting. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, the Backoffice module streamlines business operations, increases efficiency, and reduces the risk of errors and mismanagement, making it a valuable tool for any business looking to improve their overall performance and profitability.

Reporting Module

TBpro provides a "Reporting Module" that allows for quick and easy generation of various types of reports. The module provides a range of filtering and sorting options, allowing users to customize their reports to meet their specific needs. Reports can be generated in various formats, including PDF, Excel, and CSV, and can be scheduled for automatic generation and delivery. The Reporting Module provides valuable insights into key performance metrics, helping users to make informed decisions and drive business growth.

Audit Trails Module

Provides a comprehensive record-keeping system for tracking and monitoring user activity within the platform. This module allows administrators to review and analyze user actions, changes to data, and system events for security and compliance purposes. With its robust logging and reporting features, the Audit Trails Module helps businesses ensure the integrity of their data and meet regulatory requirements.

CRM Module

The Module is a tool that allows businesses to effectively manage their customer relationships. This includes managing customer data, communicating with customers, tracking sales, and more. (see also CRM Integration)

CRM Integration

If there is a need for a CRM with more advanced features, TBpro provides easy and fast integration via the CRM Integration module with various external CRM systems, including but not limited to SalesForce and Optimove.

Multi-Language Support Module

The "Multi-Language Support Module" provides a convenient way to translate the system into different languages. With it, you can quickly and easily translate the system's interface and messages into a language preferred by users. This makes the system more accessible and convenient for users in different regions and countries where different languages are spoken.

Currency Exchange Module

The "Currency Exchange Module" is a system module that allows users to convert currency in real-time. The module allows integration with external systems for receiving currency exchange rates and automatically updating the information in the system, thus providing information on the exchange rates of currencies that can be used for conversion. This facilitates trading and financial operations related to various currencies and their accounting.

Payment and Wallet Module

The "Payment and Wallet Module" is a feature in the system that allows users to make payments within and outside of the system. The module includes integration with various payment gateways and processing services, enabling users to choose their preferred payment option. Additionally, the module supports a "User Wallet" feature that allows users to deposit and withdraw funds, manage their payments, and track their financial transactions.

BI Integration - Qlik

The BI Integration - Qlik module provides easy integration of the system with business intelligence systems such as Qlik. With Qlik integration, users can obtain real-time data that is always up-to-date and accurate. This module is particularly useful for businesses that need greater transparency and efficiency in managing their operations and resources.

Notification Module

The "Notification Module" is a powerful tool that is part of our real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP) designed to orchestrate personalized multichannel campaigns optimized by AI. It allows users and clients to receive marketing and transactional messages about various events in the system. Notifications can be sent through different channels such as email, SMS, PopUp, Viber, Messenger, WhatsApp, and supported platforms like Mailchimp, Mailgrid, and Secure Sender Domain Setup - DMARC, ensuring that users stay informed and up-to-date with important information related to their accounts and transactions.

Promotional and Marketing Module

The "Promotional and Marketing Module" is a powerful tool that allows users to create and manage various marketing campaigns. The module provides functionality for creating personalized marketing messages, managing marketing channels, and analyzing campaign results.

Users can use the Promotional and Marketing Module to build relationships with customers and increase sales by sending personalized marketing messages, promotions, and special offers. The module provides tools for analyzing campaign effectiveness, allowing users to optimize their marketing efforts and achieve better results.




Messaging Bus Module

The "Messaging Bus Module" is a component of the system architecture that provides greater flexibility and modularity in the system architecture, allowing different components to communicate with each other without being directly connected. This module also provides other functionalities such as sending messages with different priorities, ensuring message delivery, etc. These functionalities ensure that information is provided quickly and effectively.

Integration API and Switch Module

The "Integration API and Switch Module" is a component of the system architecture designed to facilitate integration with external systems. The module contains a large number of pre-built integrations, reducing the time needed to build future integrations. Additionally, it provides an API for creating connections between different systems, allowing for data transfer and communication between them. The module also includes Switch functionality, which allows for automatic traffic redirection from one system component to another in case of the need for greater flexibility and system resilience.

Database Libraries

TBpro is a platform optimized to work with medium to large volumes of data and has its own Database Libraries. These libraries are specially designed for efficient data manipulation stored in the system's databases. They guarantee the efficient functioning of the system and are crucial for the fast and accurate processing of data in the system.

Diagnostics and Monitoring Libraries

"Diagnostics and Monitoring Libraries" are components of the system architecture that provide tools for monitoring and diagnosing the system's performance. They provide information about the various components of the system and alert about potential issues or malfunctions.

These libraries are specifically designed to ensure the stable and secure operation of the system. They provide information about system performance and availability, as well as resource usage. This helps to avoid potential problems and ensure that the system is operating optimally.

Diagnostics and Monitoring Libraries provide mechanisms for logging and warning, which help to detect errors and problems. They can be configured to automatically notify the support team when needed and to ensure quick response in case of malfunctions.

These libraries are crucial for the stable and secure operation of the system, providing reliability, security, and efficiency. They are also directly related to another AI product of the company - "MonSysX Predictive Monitoring".




Database Backup (incl. encryption)

The Database Backup feature automatically provides a backup of the entire database and can be configured to run at specific intervals. This ensures that in the event of a problem, the database can be easily restored from the latest backup, reducing the risk of data loss and minimizing recovery time.

App Backup Module

(incl. encryption)

The App Backup Module provides an automatic backup of the entire code and configuration files of the application, which can be easily restored in case of any issues with the application. This ensures that in the event of a problem, the application can be quickly restored from the latest backup, reducing the risk of data loss and recovery time.

Database Replication

Database Replication provides automatic replication of data between different servers, ensuring high availability and reducing recovery time in the event of a system crash. This ensures that in the event of a problem with one server, the data will still be available on another server, thus preventing data loss and ensuring business continuity.




Server Security Module

The "Server Security Module" is a critical component of the system's architecture, providing robust security measures to ensure the protection of sensitive data and information stored on the server. This module includes several security features, including a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to secure network communication, application restrictions enforced by the Firewall, and monitoring of significant security events to detect and prevent security breaches.

In addition, the module includes an encrypted file system (FS) and secure boot functionality to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the data stored on the server. These measures are crucial in preventing unauthorized access to the server and protecting against potential cyber threats. The module also offers real-time monitoring of the server's security status and statistics, providing valuable insights into potential vulnerabilities and threats.

Overall, the "Server Security Module" is an essential component of the system's architecture, ensuring the secure and reliable operation of the server and protecting against potential security threats.

Database Server Platform (Linux)

The "Database Server Platform (Linux)" is a key component of the system's architecture, designed specifically for maximum database performance. The platform supports a range of popular database management systems, including PostgreSQL, Amazon PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB.

The platform includes support for advanced functionality, such as asynchronous logging, and features the V8 JavaScript engine, which provides advanced performance optimizations for database queries. This ensures that the database server operates efficiently, even when handling large amounts of data.

The "Database Server Platform (Linux)" is optimized for high performance and reliability, providing a secure and stable environment for managing complex data sets. It is an essential component for any organization that requires fast and efficient data management capabilities.

Application Server Platform

The "Application Server Platform" is a critical component of the system's architecture, optimized for maximum speed and efficiency in delivering services. The platform supports a range of software tools, including Debian OS, Redis, Nginx, Node.js, Apache httpd/mod_perl, and asynchronous logging functionality.

The platform's optimization for speed and performance allows it to handle high volumes of requests while maintaining fast response times. The inclusion of Redis and Nginx provides efficient caching and load balancing capabilities, while Node.js and Apache httpd/mod_perl enable the platform to handle dynamic content and complex web applications.

In addition, the platform includes asynchronous logging functionality to enhance performance and management capabilities, ensuring that any issues can be identified and addressed quickly. Overall, the "Application Server Platform" is a robust and reliable component of the system's architecture, delivering fast and efficient service delivery for any organization.

Deployment Module

The "Deployment Module" is a component of the system architecture that facilitates the deployment of the system across multiple environments. It automates the process of deploying updates and new versions of the system, ensuring consistency and reducing the risk of errors or downtime during deployment.

The module provides a centralized management interface for the deployment process, allowing administrators to easily configure and monitor the deployment of the system. It also includes features for rollbacks, allowing administrators to quickly revert to a previous version of the system in the event of issues or errors.

By streamlining the deployment process and providing robust management tools, the Deployment Module ensures that the system can be deployed quickly and reliably across multiple environments, enabling organizations to scale and evolve their technology solutions with ease.

MonSysX Predictive Monitoring Platform

MonSysX is a powerful monitoring platform that enhances the reliability, efficiency, and security of software systems. Combining AI and predictive analytics, it operates in the background to identify and alert potential issues in advance. It promptly notifies the relevant teams, ensuring fast and effective responses.

MonSysX tracks over 10,000 parameters of the monitored software systems while integrating across various environments – from coding to servers, devices, IT infrastructure, and cloud services, providing comprehensive monitoring. It uses its predictive and AI capabilities to detect anomalies and prevent problems, maintaining stability and reliability of software products.

The platform processes critical data, including user behavior, security risks, capacity usage, and fraudulent activities, offering complete protection and informed decision-making for your operations.

MonSysX automatically prioritizes and directs tasks to the appropriate team – whether technical, administrative, or business. This ensures each task is assigned to the right team with the correct priority. As a result, the platform not only helps management maintain stable and secure system operations but also optimizes team workflows, enhancing overall organizational efficiency.

All-in-One Monitoring


Website Monitoring

Track the performance of internet services like HTTPS, DNS server, FTP server, SSL/TLS certificate, SMTP server, POP server, URLs, REST APIs, SOAP web service, and more

Server Monitoring

Monitor server outages, track critical attributes, and pinpoint issues with root cause analysis capabilities. This includes monitoring capabilities for diverse environments like Linux, VMware, Apache, Nginx, PostgreSQL, Redis and many more.

Network Monitoring

Efficiently monitor key network devices like routers, switches, and firewalls for in-depth performance insights and enhanced management of complex networks.

Public and Private Cloud Monitoring

Fully monitors cloud resources. Gains comprehensive visibility of workloads and troubleshoots application performance on major cloud and virtualization platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Azure, GCP, and VMware.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Identify application servers and app components generating errors, and monitor a wide range of environments including Python, Node.js, Perl, and others.

Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Optimize user experience and enhance your application's performance with detailed insights into real user behavior, differentiating by browser, platform, geography, ISP, and more.

Flexible Reports

Automatically generates reports for analyzing real-time performance alerts and historical data. Customizes these reports to focus on the specific metrics needed. Sets up reports to be sent on a specific schedule to the right team.

Intelligent Alert Engine

Ensures effective resource management and timely responses by providing precise and prompt alerting. Directs notifications with appropriate priority through the optimal channels – email, SMS, Slack, etc. – to the exact team responsible and capable of resolving the issue.

IT Monitoring powered by AIOps

Enhances IT resource monitoring with the power of AI and machine learning. Experiences predictive anomaly detection and IT Automation for early issue identification and orchestrated incident response.


  • Improve system reliability and availability
  • Enhance overall system performance
  • Minimize downtime and service disruptions
  • Increase productivity and efficiency of support teams
  • Gain real-time visibility into system health and status
  • Optimize resource allocation and usage
  • Reduce costs associated with system failures and downtime
  • Enable proactive maintenance and issue prevention

Live Integration Platform

Live Integration Platform allows fast and easy connecting company systems, including cloud technologies, and on-premise applications.

It has always been hard to do enterprise data integration to access data. Our enterprise data integration tools and years of experience successfully connecting the most challenging environments, give customers the confidence that it works in today’s fast changing world. A wide variety of out-of-the-box connectors, as well as expansive support for industry-standard integration protocols, standards, and APIs, make integrating with virtually any system easy. TelebidPro helps you seamlessly access information from all your systems – from corporate applications, to social networking resources, to cloud services.



Application Connectors
Enable the rapid integration of enterprise applications from leading vendors.
• Provides shared XML metadata definitions, standard error handling and reporting, and GUI administration tools.
• Connects Qlik, SugarCRM, Optimove, Mailchimp, Mailgrid, ApcoPay, PayPal and others.


Database ​​Connectors
Make databases full participants in business processes by enabling them to easily share information with other databases and applications.
• Supports real-time importation and exportation of data.
• Enables reuse of stored procedures across the organization.
• Connects PostgresDB, Oracle, MS SQL Server and others.


Network Technology Connectors 
These connectors enable integration with component or object-based development models and with other messaging technologies.
• Can expand native capabilities with publish/subscribe messaging and load-balancing.
• Available for: OpenLDAP and LDAP.


SDK For Building Custom Connectors
Live Integration Platform helps IT organizations build connectors for custom or specialized applications.
• Reduces cost of integration using templates.
• Helps IT staff create custom connectors using infrastructure that enables the rich functionality and proven performance of packaged connectors.


Enterprise Ready
Scalability and High Availability: Out-of-the-box reliability eliminates the need for expensive hardware, software, and maintenance support.
• Application Routing: Supports triggers that enable various applications to publish or redirect output to external applications.


Faster Performance
• Improve system performance by eliminating repetitive batch requests for information and updates.
• High volume trigger makes it possible to support large message volumes.


Easier Management
• Monitor connections with one standardized user interface.
• Simplify user administration of the integration environment through subject naming that eliminates the need to specify senders and recipients.

TBcloud – Private Cloud Platform

TBcloud is an operating system that manages clusters of commodity servers in your datacenter as a single pool of highly-available resources. These resources may be shared by any service or framework, including OpenStack®, Hadoop®, Spark™, Docker Swarm®, or Mesos™ for better resource efficiency, and streamlined operations.


Cloud SMS and MMS Gateway

Provides the clients to send or receive Short Message Service (SMS) and Premium SMS transmissions to or from the mobile phone networks.



  • Premium SMS (VAS SMS);
  • Real-time MO and MT billing;
  • Dedicated or shared short codes;
  • Unicode support;
  • Keywords selection;
  • Customizable Sender ID;
  • Delivery reports (DLR);
  • Ported Numbers Support (HLR);
  • Live Monitoring and Reporting;
  • Send SMS using:
    • API – HTTP & SMPP;
    • files – Excel  & CSV;
    • desktop SMS client;


  • Content and subscription services;
  • Voting and polling services;
  • Competitions and quizzes;
  • Micropayments for web access, virtual goods, VIP activation;
  • SMS Marketing;
  • Text Reminders
  • Information services – news, weather info, sport results, etc.;
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)