Development is in our DNA

We are an EU-based software product company focused on development of world-class innovative software solutions. We strive to be one of the best tech innovator in our segment thus we never seize to invest significant time and efforts in R&D and team qualification. The software development is the core of our business and we are proud to do it the right way – including both experience and innovation.

Integration is our Passion

Our clients in more than 20 countries worldwide are taking advantage of our thorough expertise in development of server based platforms, including application integrations, virtualisation and cloud computing, as well as technology strategy and consulting. Integration is the major goal in our work and we keep on finding innovative ways to deliver excellent results to our partners.

Reliability is our Force

In less than a decade we have developed five leading software platforms operating flawlessly 24/7 on 5 continents serving more than 1 million customers daily. We are particularly proud of our large-scale projects developed for top producers in fintech and casino sectors. Our team is on duty to secure the effective operations of our platforms. Our clients are happy to rely on us.


Cloud solution
Data analysis and processing
Mobile Advertising
Mobile Applications
Offline and online database design, development, management, and support
Open source software (and Linux) based servers implementation, support, testing and evaluation
IT telecommunication services, development and broadcasting of mobile radio and TV programmes, Internet services
Research, development, and implementation of online and mobile end-user services which utilize advanced mobile interactive technologies and custom-made applications

People Are Awesome

Our Team is Awesome

We are a focused and dedicated team eager to unleash its powers by facing new challenges and mastering new skills. No problem rests unsolved with us, and no novelty stays uncovered. We have various backgrounds – from software engineering and applied researches to social studies and economics. But we all have one goal: to improve ourselves every day and to deliver reliable and innovative solutions.